Statistics are important. 
But they mean next to nothing if you're unable to actually engage your audience with the facts and figures. In many situations, long, dry reports chocked full of text, numbers and tables just aren't necessary. There is a better way...

Infographic Design... In a Nutshell
Pie charts and bar graphs are infographics but just as as the Web 2.0 movement advanced the design and UX (User Experience) of the internet, today's infographics have moved on too. Information is being brought to life in all sorts of interesting and creative ways.

Data Visualisation
Take, for example, the two images below. Both tell exactly the same story, but which do you prefer? Exactly. Not only is the right-hand image more visually appealing, it also takes much less time for the brain to digest the information. The old adage of a picture telling a thousand words is as true as it ever was.

IMAGE 1 / IMAGE 2 - Coming Soon...

Visual Storytelling
Infographics take their audience on a visual journey. Just as picture books enthralled us as children, infographics can ignite that same feeling and excitment, which compels us to look further. And since they can be integrated into just about any medium, be it websites, presentations, videos or reports, it's a truly versatile weapon in your brand's armoury and ultimately should help to convert viewers into clients and participants. 

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